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Resolute - Origin Coffee 250gm

Resolute - Origin Coffee 250gm

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Flavour profiles

Milk Chocolate, Stewed Plum & Caramel

Method Pulped Natural & Washed

Producer Fernando Lima, The Mierisch Family & Manoel Barbosa Junqueira

Region Santa Ana, Jinotega & Minas Gerais

  • Varietal Bourbon & Catuai
  • Elevation 980 - 1,800 masl

    This is a collaboration between three of our long-term direct-trade partners: Fernando Lima, The Mierisch family, and Manoel Barbosa Junqueira. Resolute signifies a no-nonsense, classic idea of coffee. It’s a consistent and comforting, full-bodied cup, which comes together like a barreling wave.