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My First Big Book Of Dinosaur Facts - PB

My First Big Book Of Dinosaur Facts - PB

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This big book of 96 info-packed pages introduces young readers to all the key science and facts about dinosaurs in a fun question and answer format.

The book's wide-ranging Q&As include: How did dinosaurs become fossils? What happens at a dinosaur dig? Who invented the word "dinosaur"? Were dinosaurs striped and feathery? Which dinosaur's bite was the most powerful? Did dino poops become fossils? What sounds did dinosaurs make? Did dinosaurs build nests? And what happened to the dinosaurs?

- Perfect for early elementary earth science projects about fossils
- Detailed diagrams show how fossils formed
- Shows paleontologists and other scientists at work
- Packed with photos and high-quality 3D digital illustrations
- Close picture and text match with lots of labels
- Carefully-leveled text for newly fluent readers
- Key content vocabulary with helpful phonetic pronunciations
- Includes a glossary and comprehension quiz

This high-interest topic is perfect for introducing students to non-fiction reading. And the fantastic imagery and quantity of information will have kids returning to the book again and again, making it a valuable resource for classrooms and libraries.