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Mr Green Grows a Garden

Mr Green Grows a Garden

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In the middle of the big city, there was a tired, ugly place that made Mr. Green feel very sad. . . . So begins this uplifting and charming story of the magic that can happen when young people, older people and plants come together.

Mo has lost his father. But as he helps his neighbour Mr Green create a beautiful garden in an abandoned, forlorn space in the city, a smiley feeling grows inside Mo and he learns that a garden can be a very good place to remember people we’ve lost. As the two friends grow their garden, readers will also discover how being in nature is good for our mental health; how intergenerational friendships are important; the importance of rebuilding ecosystems and making places for wildlife; how plants grow, including vegetables; the importance of planting trees; and how soil is a living thing that needs to be nurtured.

“Brilliant and engaging illustrations and a lovely storyline that gently addresses loss in a sensitive and uplifting way.” Emily Mallion, East Sussex.