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Loofah Dolphin on a rope body scrub

Loofah Dolphin on a rope body scrub

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Loofah Dolphin n a rope , ideal natural body scrub, 100% organic natural material from sustainable sources.


You can be assured of buying an entirely natural product, the loofah is one hundred percent natural product obtained from the inside of ripe loofah plants from the tropics.


The compressed fibrous material peels away skin thoroughly and gently, the old flaky skin is stripped away to reveal a new complexion.

After the skin is cleansed body care products like our soaps can better nourish the skin and improve their effect.

These do not contain any plastic at all - fabulous !


Size 18 x 13 cm and 8 cm rope 


 These products are prepared by family business Croll & Denecke, a German company who have been trading proudly since 1897, you can be assured of the very best quality and environmental considerations.